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Family Shoots!

No matter how sweet and photogenic kids can be,  when there is a difference in ages getting everyone to look great in one shot can be a challenge.  Two recent shoots I realized that no matter how old kids are they all have a mind of their own and a tolerance that they choose, not mom, dad or me!

Some ideas on how to achieve an ideal shoot with more than one child.

  • Naps- Try to get them down before the shoot
  • Treats- Offer an incentive at the end of the shoot
  • Outfits- Come ready if booking a full session start with the most comfortable outfit
  • Start with the group shot and when they start to wiggle move on and take individuals and candids then try again
  • Dont worry so much about the perfect family photo! Sometimes crying or pouting can be the memory you will want to remember.
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Great Success!

What a wonderful experience it was to be a part of this year’s Chestnut Hill’s fall for the Arts festival!

A big Thanks to Dave Barrus, My parents Ron and Janie James for all of their help and the many friends who came to support me!

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